Spring Farm

Spring Farm is located close to Rainham in Essex, and is a former sand and gravel quarry. Aggregates were transported via lorry across adjacent Launders Lane for processing at Rainham Quarry, which is operated by Bretts. IVL operations at Spring Farm involve the importation of suitable reclamation material to restore the site back to ground levels, creating land for agricultural use.

The project

The planning permission requires the former quarry to be restored back to existing ground levels, with the void to be filled to within 1 metre of the final pre-settlement level with inert material. There is provision for any shortfall in existing soil stockpiles to be supplemented by the importation of screened soils from Rainham Quarry.

Carefully selected materials either sourced free from stones greater than 22.5mm or screened to remove stones greater than 22.5mm, will be placed to the underside of the subsoil level. Based on pre-project surveys, this level is expected to be approximately 600mm below the final ground level.

The final stage of restoration will involve removing all buildings and hard standing used in connection with the importation operations, and then these areas will be landscaped ensuring that access from the road is retained for farm vehicles.

Skills and resources

Currently there is three IVL staff operating the site, with two plant operators and one employee working on the weighbridge. The soils from the stockpiles will be placed using a backacter and articulated dumpers.

Licences and quality assurance

This site holds a permit for importing non-biodegradable materials. The project is divided into several phases, before importation and restoration works can be implemented, each phase must have Construction Quality Assurance (CQA), with brown/blue in-situ clay being used to achieve the required standard.

Spring Farm

Spring Farm
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