Ingrebourne Hill, Rainham

This site was completed in close partnership with the Forestry Commission, and is located in a densely populated part of Essex, south of Hornchurch and north of Rainham. The site was again a former sand and gravel quarry, which was filled with a range of materials, including bricks, concrete and metal before IVL purchased the site.

Nearby Hornchurch Country Park was created on the site of RAF Hornchurch, and was an important fighter base during the First and Second World Wars.

The project

The partnership between IVL and the Forestry Commission enabled a restoration scheme to be developed so that this disused site could be transformed into a country park and provide an informal approach to the wider green belt countryside of South Essex.

The restoration works improved the soil quality which provided the foundations to create a suitable landscape for tree and shrub planting. Once this was established, a suitable access was created for the general public to provide amenity use and wildlife conservation. Despite early complications with the uneven and unresponsive nature of sections of the site, there are now established woodland blocks all over the park.

To reflect the area’s aviation heritage, we created two ‘flight ways’, enabling the proper establishment of a good grass sward and additional opportunities for planting a range of wildlife habitats.

Ingrebourne Hill is now open for visitors to enjoy the enhanced scenery and wildlife, which incorporates 4km of pathways and connections to the adjacent Hornchurch Country Park.


IVL are providing aftercare for the site in partnership with the Forestry Commission.


Ingrebourne Hill, Rainham

Ingrebourne Hill
Rainham Road,