Hoddesdon is another former landfill site that we are currently restoring as an extension to the prestigious Hertfordshire Golf and Country Club at nearby Broxbourne. The 13.5 hectare site is situated in a former sand and gravel excavation, operations ceased in the early 1990s and it was dormant until 2006.

The local geology comprises Pleistocene fluvial and glacial gravels of variable thickness, overlying up to 60m of London clay.

The project

IVL began importing cohesive, reclamation material into phase 1 in August 2006, operations started in the south western corner with restoration progressing in a northerly direction to the north eastern corner. Although the majority of the sand and gravel reserve was extracted prior to IVL’s involvement, there were some remaining aggregates which remained in phases 4 and 5. These were subsequently extracted and sold for use in construction of the Olympic Park in Stratford.

Environmental protection

All reclamation material that was used on site at Hoddesdon has been in accordance with the Materials Acceptance Procedures, which are designed to ensure that only suitable inert material will be sourced which is in compliance with the Landfill Directive. This ensures that no detrimental impacts are inflicted on the local environment.

Licences and quality assurance

Hoddesdon is only permitted to accept inert material and is therefore, considered to be ‘low sensitivity’. All five restoration phases received Construction Quality Assurance prior to the importation of reclamation material.


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