Denham Park Farm

Situated to the north of Denham in Hertfordshire, a few miles south of Rickmansworth, the site is flat, open agricultural land, currently used for arable farming. The site is underlain by glacial sand and gravel, overlying reading beds with chalk beneath. Bounded by the M25 and woodland, this agricultural site will be excavated for minerals in phases over a 20 year period. Each phase will be progressively restored back to high quality farmland, after extraction is completed.

The project

The plan is to work the sand and gravel deposit in a progressive sequence across the site, there is an estimated reserve of 1,500,000 million tons.

Development will be divided into 11 phases over a period of 20 years, with sand and gravel extraction being replaced by building sand extraction after approximately 6 or 7 years. Restoration of the worked out void will commence after 3 years.

The site will eventually be restored back to agricultural use through importation of inert reclamation material.


After operational works have ceased, IVL will continue to maintain the site to prevent the risk of pollution. Any necessary work will be agreed at annual site meetings with the local planning authority and central government agriculture agency.

This work may involve: removing any large stones from the surface; making up any low spots with topsoil; provision of a drainage scheme if required; analysis of the soil acidity and nutrient deficiency; cropping, fertilisation and drainage measures to correct acidity and nutrient deficiency and to improve soil structure; provision of and measures to maintain hedges, trees and fences, and to replace any dead or diseased trees and shrubs, as approved by the county planning authority; the maintenance and/or provision of mean of access to and within the site; and the provision of water supplies as necessary for efficient farming of the land.

Denham Park Farm

Denham Park Farm
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