Baldwins Farm

Baldwin’s Farm is a former quarry site, which was backfilled with domestic and commercial waste, and is located close to South Ockendon in Essex. It is a relatively flat site with 6-7 metres of contaminated land overlying London clay, it is surrounded by historical landfill sites all of which formerly received inert industrial and commercial waste but these have now been restored. IVL are now looking to restore this 60 hectare site into community green space for the Forestry Commission.

Environmental protection

Before purchasing and taking complete responsibility for the site, water samples were taken from ditches and two ponds to assess the water quality. The results concluded that the site was contaminated.


IVL will carry out scheduled maintenance on site, including groundwater and landfill gas monitoring, as planning for this site is still in the very early stages. There are boreholes on site which record both leachate and groundwater levels and all site maintenance staff are aware of the ground and water contamination.

Baldwins Farm

Baldwins Farm
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