Remediation and Reclamation

Having carried out soil sampling and analysis, and once any useful aggregates have been extracted, we can proceed with any necessary remediation and reclamation of the land to prepare it for restoration and reprofiling.

We have proven expertise in environmental remediation to make safe or reclaim brownfield sites and remove landfill. We can safely and efficiently carry out a range of biological, chemical and physical remediation treatments to reclaim contaminated soil and groundwater, including chemical oxidation, containment and isolation, soil vapour extraction, dual phase extraction, groundwater purification, sludge dewatering, air sparging and free product recovery.

We also have considerable experience of assessing the environmental impact of remediation work, including the effect on the water table.

We have an extensive range of specialist plant and equipment for on-site decontamination or removal and disposal of contaminants. We hold a Mobile Treatment Licence and are a Registered Waste Carrier.

Our expert and highly trained team have considerable experience of working with regulatory bodies, including the Environment Agency and local authorities.